The Bunny In The Bathroom

One of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had

Sarah McManus MSc
3 min readSep 2, 2022


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

At 11 pm last night, my Mum and I walked into the bathroom of a McDonald's in a local city and the first thing we saw was a rabbit sitting in a bag in one of the cubicles.

For context — because hanging out in bathrooms late at night isn’t the norm for us — we were traveling home from watching country music star Brandy Clark perform (a fantastic show, by the way) and as ever, my bladder wouldn’t last the journey home. We entered the 3 cubicle bathroom, as cramped as McDonald’s bathrooms always are, and I saw this little white bunny hanging out in a bag on the floor of the first cubicle. A tap was running so I looked to the woman washing her hands.

“There’s a rabbit in there,” she said.

My mum and I agreed, a simple, “Yep”, and looked back at the bunny, until the woman elaborated,

“It’s mine, he’s with me.”

I definitely felt relieved to hear that, though it didn’t exactly explain a lot, it did mean I didn’t have to worry about finding an emergency vet in an unfamiliar place at midnight.

The woman explained to us, rather quickly, that she was suffering from ‘Lazyitis’, a word I haven’t heard since Primary School, and hadn’t been going to Pilates which meant that she had needed to stop to use the bathroom. I don’t think my mum and I said a word throughout this rushed monologue. We may have said something about the rabbit being cute because the next thing I knew, she offered to bring him out of his bag. I looked at this poor little bunny, quaking, and suggested that it might be best not to because he looked quite scared.

“Nah, he’s fine, he comes everywhere with me! We’re going to London tomorrow!”

I’ve had a pet rabbit myself and while I always wished I could bring him everywhere I went, I also recognized that that wasn’t best for him. Clearly, this bathroom stranger did not feel the same way.

She brought the bag from the cubicle floor to the sinks and placed him there for us to stroke him. My mum asked questions like his name and age, and while she offered a name, she admitted to not knowing how old he was for sure.

“I got him from my exes kid, I…



Sarah McManus MSc

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